Jeffrey Epstein’s Art of Being “Awesome”

May 11, 2021

In the days following the announcement of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce, it has become clear that Melinda was the force behind it. In this column, we speculated that Alexander Zaitchik’s devastating critique of Bill’s role in the enduring drama of vaccine inequality may have been a...

Can Joe Biden Convince America?

May 10, 2021

It has become so hard to be hopeful about America. Disappointment awaits around every corner and under every rock. Yet, there he is, Joe Biden, president of the United States of America, telling the nation that we can be so much better than we are and then having the guts to tell us what we need...

Has the US Always Been at War?

May 04, 2021

Here’s the strange thing in an ever-stranger world: I was born in July 1944 in the midst of a devastating world war. That war ended in August 1945 with the atomic obliteration of two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by the most devastating bombs in history up to that...

Are Americans Waiting for a Cyber Apocalypse?

Apr 30, 2021

America has a serious infrastructure problem. Maybe when I say that what comes to mind are all the potholes on your street. Or the dismal state of public transportation in your city. Or crumbling bridges all over the country. But that’s so 20th century of you. America’s most urgent...

The Future of the Republican Party

Apr 29, 2021

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