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Popular Kids of Washington and Wall Street Run for President

The race for the White House is in full swing, but who will win?

“Clinton, Bush, Trump—wife, brother, racist uncle-in-law after one too many.”

The dynasty race for the White House is heating up as the movers and shakers of Washington and Wall Street go head to head. Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Donald Trump et al are campaigning across the United States to represent the Democrats and Republicans at the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary Clinton has set out to become the first female American president. Having been the first lady and the secretary of state already, this could be third time lucky for Hillary, or so she hopes.

Jeb Bush, brother of former US President George W. Bush, aims to make it a hat-trick for the Bush clan. Does America need yet another President Bush? Mama Bush doesn’t think so.

And billionaire Donald Trump, in his own words, is “really rich.” An honest president in the making, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s get this show on the road.

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