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Native American Sovereignty and the Dakota Access Pipeline

In this podcast, guests discuss the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline.

As the struggle between members of the Standing Rock Reservation and their allies against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) continues, History Talk takes a look at the long-term patterns of Native American relations with the US government.

Hosts Jessica Blissit and Brenna Miller and guests David Nichols, Christine Ballengee Morris, and Daniel Rivers discuss the specific environmental and sovereignty concerns surrounding construction of the DAPL, as well as how this issue fits into the larger history of Native American treaties, resistance and protests.


1) David Nichols: associate professor of history and specialist in early American and Native American history at Indiana State University

2) Daniel Rivers: associate professor of history specializing in 20th century LGBT communities, Native American history, sexuality and protest movements at Ohio State University

3) Christine Ballengee Morris: professor in the Ohio State University’s Arts Administration, Education and Policy Department and American Indian studies coordinator for OSU

*[This podcast was originally featured by Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, a partner institution of Fair Observer.]

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