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VIDEO: Road to Damascus – Journey with a Syrian Poet360°ANALYSIS

Reel Festivals present Road to Damascus – a short film by Roxana Vilk.

Road to Damascus a short film by Roxana Vilk from Roxana Vilk on Vimeo.

*[Note: This film was originally featured by Reel Festivals. The upcoming Reel Iraq 2013 event, which marks 10 years since the US and UK led military invasion, is being held across the United Kingdom between March 21-25. For further information, please visit Fair Observer is a media partner of Reel Iraq 2013.]


Produced, Directed and Filmed by Roxana Vilk
Executive Produced by GOL Productions & Reel Festivals
Edited by Maryam Ghorbankarimi
Sound Design and Music by Peter Vilk
Production Assistant Stefanie Van De Peer
Filmed on location in Beirut 2011, with a Canon EOS 7D
and film sound recorded on a Zoom H2 mic and Rhode SVM Mic ( attached to the camera)

Commissioned by Reel Festivals 2011, Creative Scotland and Scottish Poetry Library and Firefly International.