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Mohamed Al-Daradji: Showcasing Iraq

By Mohamed Al-Daradji Mohammed Al-Daradji, an Iraqi filmmaker, delivers a personal account of Iraq's art and culture scene. From an early age and unbeknown to my parents, I used to sneak to the cinema every week to watch the latest film from India — there was only ever one career choice for me. These experiences inspired my decisions later in life; exploring filmmaking, my national... Continue Reading

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The Invasion of Iraq: Ten Years Later

By Yasmin Fedda Yasmin Fedda, a filmmaker and PhD student at Edinburgh College of Art, talks about the Iraq War and the upcoming Reel Iraq Festival in the UK. On March 21, 2003, a US and UK coalition invaded Iraq under the premise of freeing it from its then dictator Saddam Hussein. On the same day, I found out I was accepted to do a masters in visual anthropology. That day brought together my... Continue Reading

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VIDEO: Road to Damascus - Journey with a Syrian Poet

Reel Festivals present Road to Damascus – a short film by Roxana Vilk. Road to Damascus a short film by Roxana Vilk from Roxana Vilk on Vimeo. *[Note: This film was originally featured by Reel Festivals. The upcoming Reel Iraq 2013 event, which marks 10 years since the US and UK led military invasion, is being held across the United Kingdom between March 21-25. For further information,... Continue Reading

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