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Single Mothers Face Judgment on Moroccan Streets

An organization helps single Moroccan mothers rebuild their lives and regain respect.

Shaima is 18 years old and a single mother. Her own family says she is lost and her son is a “bastard.”

“I have lost my value,” the young woman says. “I’m worthless.”

The problem runs deeper than a man’s unwillingness to take responsibility. With high unemployment rates, most men can’t afford to marry even if they wish to.

There is also a law in Morocco that designates unwed mothers as prostitutes—a lack of marriage certificate serving as “proof.” As long as this is the case, men will be able to get away with shirking fatherhood.

Refusing to be shamed and asserting themselves takes courage. Aicha Ech Chenna’s organization helps Moroccan women rebuild their lives and regain respect within their communities.

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