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Arab Women Making Waves and Breaking Stereotypes

For the new generation of Moroccan women, being held back by traditional stereotypes is a thing of the past.

“In the old days, women were very good,” says Oumaima’s father. “Now, women have changed.”

Oumaima is from Rabat, Morocco and is one of the local women trying to break stereotypes about Islam and what women are and aren’t allowed to do.

First taken to the beach by her older brother, Oumaima now sees surfing as a therapy to get over his tragic death. “Being Muslim comes from the heart,” she says. “I like surfing because it makes me happy.”

Things have changed for this generation of Moroccans. There are now female pilots, coast guards and police officers.

The palpable pride and happiness you see on the face of Oumaima’s mother when she talks about the possibilities open to her daughters speaks volumes about the importance of what young Arab women are setting out to achieve.

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