African Women Innovate to Battle Climate Change360°ANALYSIS

Local knowledge can ensure communities continue to remain sustainable in face of climate change.

The United Nations marked October 13 as the International Day for Disaster Reduction, which this year focused on local and indigenous knowledge as a way to complement modern science.

In Africa, it is women who face the burden of providing resources at the household level. Fetching water, finding firewood and cultivating crops all fall on the women of the continent, and it is these women who as a consequence possess the greatest knowledge about the impacts of climate change on their environment.

Recently, the United Nations Development Programme and the Huairou Commission brought together women from 11 countries to share their expertise on how to adapt to climate change with policymakers.

By using creativity and often ingenious knowledge of local women, communities can ensure sustainable food production for future generations.

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Photo Credit: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

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