The Interview 2019







The Interview on Fair Observer involves insightful conversations with thoughtful people on issues that matter. Our goal is to find a diverse array of people who provide light from different prisms. Subjects range from art and religion to climate change and geopolitics. These conversations give us glimpses from around the world and expand not only our knowledge, but also our consciousness. 

In this yearbook, we have interviews with Joyce Banda, the first female president of Malawi; David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA; Kishore Mahbubani, a former Singaporean diplomat; Tahir Abbas, an academic and author; and many more.

In a nutshell, The Interview is a unique feature that combines breadth and depth, diversity and quality. It brings in a dash of personality and intimacy to issues that may seem abstract but are very real for all of us.

This is an e-book that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

Conversations That Matter — Atul Singh

Being Black in America Kourosh Ziabari & Akil Houston

Europe Has a Bumpy Ride Ahead — Kourosh Ziabari & Yves Leterme

Europe Is Determined to Save the Iran Deal — Kourosh Ziabari & François Nicoullaud

Shahidul Alam: “I Will Remain a Thorn for the Oppressor” — Nilanjana Sen, Anna Pivovarchuk & Shahidul Alam

Poets Speak Out Against US Sanctions On Iran — Kourosh Ziabari & Sepideh Jodeyri

Staging a Revolution: The Gulabi Gang Makes Its India Theater Debut — Ankita Mukhopadhyay & Suba Das

There Is No End in Sight for Turmoil in the Middle East — Dina Yazdani & Gilbert Achcar

Learning from a Nobel Prize Laureate — Kourosh Ziabari & Joachim Frank

India’s 2019 Election Is a Choice between a Strong and a Helpless Government — Nilanjana Sen, Varuna Shunglu & Maheish Girri

Finland Is Warming at Twice the Global Rate — Kourosh Ziabari & Satu Hassi

How Ideology Affects Our Acceptance of Climate Science — Dina Yazdani & Arek Sinanian

Helping India’s Rural Youth Unlock Their Potential — Ankita Mukhopadhyay & Ashweetha Shetty

Rosy Image of US Equality Glosses Over Systemic Racism — Kourosh Ziabari & Tsedale M. Melaku

Trust Your Children If You Want Them To Be Successful — Ankita Mukhopadhyay, Harmeet Singh Walia & Esther Wojcicki

Malawi Can Be Aid Independent If Communities Are Empowered — Kourosh Ziabari & Joyce Banda

Talking Islamophobia With Tahir Abbas — Dina Yazdani & Tahir Abbas

Climate Financing Can Help Developing Countries Reject Fossil Fuels — Vishal Manve & Harjeet Singh

Western Dominance Is a Historical Aberration — Ankita Mukhopadhyay & Kishore Mahbubani

David Petraeus: It Doesn’t Pay to Bet Against Modern China — Naveed Ahsan & David Petraeus


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