The World This Year: 2015







At its essence, The World This Year 2015 is a quick overview for the modern global citizen who is buffeted by far too many demands for their time and attention. Emails, social media and demands at school or work leave less time for reading books or perusing magazines than in days of yore. This new era demands a new response and this yearbook is one way to take stock of an eventful year.

The World This Year 2015 is a compilation of 52 articles by Atul Singh, our founder, CEO and editor-in-chief. These articles review the week past and provide an invaluable snapshot of the year. This yearbook is a great way to make sense of the world in 2015.

This is an e-book that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

1) Tragedy in the New Year

2) Je Suis Charlie

3) A Question of Freedom

4) Fasten Your Seatbelts

5) A Volcano Erupts in Greece

6) Democracy is Messy

7) Peace, Violence and Scandal

8) Marx Returns from the Grave

9) Power is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

10) Double, Double Toil and Trouble

11) Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

12) It’s the Economy, Stupid

13) Yes, It’s Complicated

14) Romeo Kisses Juliet

15) Some Are Still Less Equal

16) Hola Amigo, Let’s Do Business

17) Triumph of South Africa’s Spirit Against Adversity

18) Baltimore Burns and Japan Says Sorry

19) Devils Known and Unknown

20) Debt, the Dragon and the Eagle

21) The Middle East’s Thirty Years’ War

22) God, Gays and the Beautiful Game

23) Freedom, That Infernally Problematic Thing

24) Trade is Good, But Not For Everyone

25) Race, Refugees and Russia

26) Terror Hits Tunisia, Kuwait and France

27) Greek Crisis Marks End of Debt Era

28) Chinese Stocks Dive and Refugees Rise

29) Good Iran Deal, Bad Greece Deal

30) Entrepreneurship in the Air and Africa on the Move

31) Israeli Settlers and Turkey’s New War

32) Threats to Freedom From Bangladesh to Mexico

33) Explosions in China Rock the World

34) A New Age of Migration

35) Global Economy Has a Great Fall

36) Migrants Welcome If They Play Football

37) Mama Merkel’s Kinder, Gentler Germany

38) Is Global Recession Around the Corner?

39) Global Goals vs Global Greed

40) Russia Bombs Syria While America Guns Its Own

41) America’s Afghanistan Adventure is a Disaster

42) Conflict in Turkey and the Holy Land

43) Turmoil in Jerusalem as Liberal Wins in Canada

44) Genocide, Cannibalism and Forest Fires

45) Security Trumps Liberty for Cameron and Sisi

46) Terror in Beirut, Baghdad and Paris

47) No Pope Francis, There is No Third World War

48) Thanksgiving, Climate Change and Argentina

49) A Climate of Fear

50) Le Pen and Trump Rise Up

51) End of an Era as the Fed Raises Rates

52) Tornadoes, Flooding and Climate Change


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