Fair Observer Monthly: May 2022





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In this edition, we focus on Afghanistan where the Hazara Shia community faces genocide in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. The former Irish prime minister makes a case for the education of priests and the future of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The UK, France, Colombia, India, Finland, China and Tibet are also in focus.

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Appeal to the UN to Protect Hazaras in Afghanistan — Afghanistan’s civil society leaders

Is France Ready to Storm a New Bastille? — Peter Isackson

The Tories Get a Thumping in Local UK Elections — Al Ghaff and Atul Singh

India Looks to Finland for an Effective Educational Model — Peter Isackson

The Old Woman and the QR Code — Ranjani Iyer Mohanty

The Education of Priests and the Future of the Catholic Church in Ireland — John Bruton

Do Rumors of Boris Johnson’s Purported Twelfth Child Matter? — Atul Singh

Colombia Faces Historic Presidential Elections — Christoph Sponsel

Tibetan Activist and Writer Tenzin Tsundue Talks to Fair Observer — Roberta Artemisia Campani and Tenzin Tsundue

Time for the US to Rethink Its Failed Cuba Policy — John Elliott


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