Fair Observer Monthly: March 2022





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In this edition, we focus on the war between Russia and Ukraine, including the ban on Russian sport. We also have articles on South Africa, India and Colombia.

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The Unthinkable: War Returns to Europe — Gary Grappo

Is Ukraine Likely to Join the EU Anytime Soon? — Sandra Bandemer

Should We Lift the Ban on Russian Sport? — Ellis Cashmore

South Africa’s Enforced Race Classification Mirrors Apartheid — Martin Plaut 

No, the Ban on Russian Athletes Should Not Be Lifted — Hans-Georg Betz

Industrialization and Innovation Could Make the Indian Economy Takeoff — Aashish Chandorkar

COVID-19 Policies Carry Implications for South Korea’s Presidential Election — Timothy Rich, Andi Dahmer & Madelynn Einhorn 

Fellow White Women, It’s Time to Talk About Feminism — Colleen Wynn & Elizabeth Ziff

Colombia Takes First Step in Joining Latin America’s Left Turn — Christoph Sponsel

Are Tamil Brahmins Finally Shifting Their Outlook on Caste? — S. Suresh


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