Fair Observer Monthly: April 2020







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In this edition, we take a further look at the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact around the world. We also have articles on the Yemen War, Bernie Sanders and the Zoom app.

This is a free e-magazine that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam: Remembering Our Privilege in Times of Pandemic — Colleen Boland

Should We All Have Been Wearing Masks From the Start? — Hans-Georg Betz 

How the US Government Failed to Prepare for a Pandemic — Daniel Wagner

How Zoom Can Make Videoconferencing More Human-Friendly — William Softky

Will the Coronavirus Crisis Bring Down Hungary’s Failing Democracy? — Vinicius Bivar

Hope Fades for New Talks in Yemen as Battles Intensify — Fernando Carvajal

Can America’s Progressive Movement Thrive Without Bernie Sanders? — S. Suresh

Will COVID-19 Change Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia? — Jean AbiNader

Brazil Is Heading Into a Perfect Storm — Lenin Cavalcanti Guerra

Rohingya Refugee Camps Are the Next Frontline in COVID-19 Fight — Daniel Sullivan

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