Fair Observer Quarterly – September 2016







Fair Observer Quarterly is a chance for you to sit down, look back, breathe in and think about the month past. About 90 days is a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles in our quarterly e-journal. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Quarterly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

In this edition, we shine the light on issues as diverse as race in America to the toxic pollution in the Ganges in India. We also have articles on Brexit, the Rio Olympics, France’s burkini ban and China’s foray into the Persian Gulf.

This is an e-journal that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

1: White America Needs to Talk About Race — Ryan J. Suto

2: When Commodities Crash, Populists Suffer — Samuel Guzman

3: Education is the Key to a Healthier UAE — Khadija Mosaad

4: Brexit Brings Revolution to Britain — Christina Dykes

5: A Conversation on Turkey’s Failed Coup — Kip Whittington and Joshua W. Walker

6: Deconstructing Reporting of DNC Email Scandal — Peter Isackson

7: Britain’s Missed Opportunity to Reset Nuclear Button — Ian McCredie

8: Rio Olympics: Winds of Change or Tides of Turmoil? — Daniel Currie

9: Trump’s Comments on NATO Threaten European Security — Benjamin Denison

10: Why Latinos Support Donald Trump — Bryan Betancur

11: China is Diving into the Gulf, But For How Long? — Jeffrey Payne

12: The False Sense of Secularism Behind France’s Burkini Ban — Susannah Savage

13: Immigration is a Tale of Two Countries — Ivan Farias Pelcastre, Emmanuel Gomez Farias Mata and Silvia Adriana Sanchez de la Rosa

14: In Greece, Syriza Jeopardizes Freedom of the Press — Polina Popova

15: The Philippine “Punisher” Could Be a Man of Peace — Mong Palatino

16: The Ganges is Too Toxic to be Holy Anymore — Yash Bharodia and Yuvraj Rajan

17: The Battle for Venezuela is Heating Up — Arysbell Arismendi

18: El Nino Exacerbates Africa’s AIDS Epidemic — Hugo Norton

19: Italy’s History in Africa is a Messy Affair — Fasil Amdetsion

20: A Polarized Referendum Puts Peace to the Test in Colombia — Elizabeth Troolin


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