President Joe Biden, Crown Prince MBS and Realpolitik

Despite the optics and the apparent climbdown by President Joe Biden amidst claims of Saudi resentment and a rupturing US-Saudi partnership, Chatham House’s Neil Quilliam and Azure Security’s Alice Gower argue that the relationship with Saudi Arabia though strained was never at serious risk.

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Biden’s Hyperbolic Fawning Before the CIA

In his public speaking, Joe Biden has been functioning on autopilot for some time. His rhetorical tics have allowed him to craft his own inimitable version of hyperreality, in which exaggeration has become his core value.

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This is Biden’s Inflation Plan‽

US President Joe Biden has a grand plan to fight inflation. The trouble is that Biden’s plan is not much of a plan and it will certainly not curb price rises not experienced for decades. In fact, the president’s policies have proven to be inflationary and the public has lost confidence in his ability to manage the economy.

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