William Bauer

William graduated in 2010 with a BA (Hons) in Middle-Eastern Studies and Arabic from the University of Exeter, with a year spent studying Arabic at the University of Damascus in 2007/2008. His academic interests lie primarily in post-independence, francophone North-African states, specifically Algeria’s post-colonial historical narrative. After graduation, William worked in Libya with a regional consultancy firm until February 2011. William has worked in the Gulf and North-African region. He speaks French, Arabic and German

Algeria’s Islamists: Waiting in the Wings

May 09, 2012

Algeria’s Islamists are bound to make gains in the country’s parliamentary elections on May 10, but it remains to be seen whether they will have a significant impact on the country. As the Arab uprisings continue into the second year, there is a distinct hint of rising public Islamism across...

Dancing with Genocide

January 11, 2012

An analysis of the reasons for the current diplomatic rift between France and Turkey over the Armenian Genocide Towards the end of World War I, Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire were rounded up and murdered in an orgy of violence that left over one million dead and displaced thousands....

Algeria's Springtime Silence

December 25, 2011

An analysis of the reasons for Algeria’s silent absence from the Arab Spring and the great changes sweeping the region today. The Arab Spring has caused great turbulence, with popular demonstrations shaking the foundations of many regimes across the Middle East and North Africa, thus challenging the very way in...