Tyson Barker

Tyson Barker joined the Bertelsmann Foundation in 2008 and is the Director for Trans-Atlantic Relations. His portfolio includes the European-American economic relationship, US-EU cooperation, and tracking rising political leaders in the US and Europe. Tyson also manages the Congressional European Parliament Initiative (CEPI), a joint program between the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Washington and Brussels offices that aims to foster legislative cooperation between the US Congress and the European Parliament. He has contributed to numerous publications on both sides of the Atlantic including Politico, Foreign Policy, E!Sharp, realclearworld.com and Internationale Politik. His recent writings have focused on the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC), US-EU summits and the role of Congress in European affairs. His work has been cited numerous publications such as in the Financial Times and National Journal. In addition, Tyson has appeared various broadcast outlets including Deutsche Welle TV and ITV. He has been named one of the top 99 global foreign policy leaders under 33 by Diplomatic Courier Magazine. Prior to his work at the Bertelsmann Foundation, Tyson worked in the international-relations and emerging-markets division of Medtronic, a leading medical-technology firm, looking at chronic healthcare needs in low- and middle- income countries. Tyson was a Fulbright scholar in Austria. He is a recipient of the Taiwan Cultural Exchange Fellowship and a Starr Foundation grant to conduct research on Sino-European relations. Tyson has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and a master’s degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). In addition to his native English, he speaks fluent German and Spanish.

The Twilight of the Berlin Consensus

Europe's course is slowly changing in the wake of the EU summit, with Germany agreeing to stimulus instead of austerity. The politics of Eurozone crisis-management have reached an inflection point. The Berlin consensus that served as the guiding principle is giving way to a new center of gravity based in the EU's Mediterranean states. The US $150 billion growth compact, agreed last... Continue Reading

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The Pirate Party Rises

A new force is rising on the European political landscape. The Pirate Party—an anticopyright amalgamation of politically active digital natives, most in their twenties and early thirties—stands at the precipice of finding a permanent place in Continental politics. The party emerged in the wake of protests of antipiracy legislation that brought tens of thousands of Europeans into the... Continue Reading

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The US-UK Relationship: From Special to Indispensable

Why the US is reaffirming its ties to the UK. Washington, DC’s grand, neo-classical Pennsylvania Avenue is festooned with Union Jacks and star-spangled banners. The pomp heralding the arrival of British Prime Minister David Cameron for his March 13-15 visit to the US, his second and more high-profile official visit since assuming office in 2010, is breathtaking. The British foreign... Continue Reading

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What Does Europe Want?

The 'Who' and 'How' of resolving the euro crisis. In spring 2009, a group of leading economists published a 10-year retrospective on the economic and geopolitical implications of the euro. The authors’ conclusion: The euro is “successful but regional.” Today, two years later, the eurozone stands at the epicenter of the global economic crisis, one that did... Continue Reading

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Idle Summitry? Making the EU-US Summit Matter

The agenda for the annual US-EU summit must be carefully put together if the European Union and the United States are to help each other through the financial crisis, present a common front on the revolutions sweeping the Middle East, and cooperate in order to enhance trans-Atlantic relations. Washington’s recent pre-occupation with Asia gives way tomorrow to the US-EU summit at which... Continue Reading

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