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Think Africa Press is an online magazine that looks beyond the surface of the global African news coverage. Bringing together commentary from leading African and international thinkers, it makes sense of rolling news by presenting the key issues in context to provide a fuller, clearer picture. It provides in-depth analysis of the issues which are really important.

Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea

The root causes of piracy must be understood and addressed if progress is to be lasting. By Awet Weldemichael and Abdisalam Hassan Since its explosion in 2007, piracy has become another reason for the negative news coverage Somalia has been receiving the past two decades. However, this year has been a turning point in the fight against piracy and many are celebrating the decline in... Continue Reading

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Somali Piracy: Is Taking the Fight to Land the Solution?

Piracy is not just a military issue but also a social, economic and political one. By Francesco Valdiserri Years of naval counter-piracy operations have so far failed to strategically defeat Somali pirates. The presence of more warships and armed guards on civilian ships has pushed pirates to adapt to the evolving situation. It was in this context that, on March 23, 2012, the Council... Continue Reading

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Chagos Islanders Lose the European Court Battle but the Struggle Continues

By James Wan Former residents of the Chagos Islands have lost their latest legal bid for the right to return following a European ruling. What next for the islanders? Former residents of the Chagos Islands, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, have lost their latest legal bid for their right to return home. The islanders’ fight to go back to the archipelago – from which... Continue Reading

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Sexual Violence in the DRC: What Good is the Dodd-Frank Act?

By Carol Mann and Alphonse Maindo Legislation to regulate mining in the DRC may be a step in the right direction, but many problems remain. The pervasive militarism, prevalent sexual violence and vast mineral wealth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are linked. It was with this in mind that, on August 22, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – the body which regulates... Continue Reading

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Breaking the Drought Cycle in the Western Sahel

By Joan Nimarkoh Following another food crisis in the Western Sahel, is there hope of a new policy direction tackling the causes as well as symptoms of food insecurity? The Western Sahel region is facing its third humanitarian crisis in less than a decade and it seems that the cycle of famine in the area is set to continue. This year, millions of dollars will be spent on alleviating the... Continue Reading

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