Sophia Akram

Sophia Akram is a researcher. After completing an LLB in Law, she attained a Master’s in International Politics and Human Rights at City University London, while providing research, program, policy and communication support in Whitehall departments and prominent nongovernmental organizations. She has a special interest in human rights and forced migration, particularly across Asia.
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The Rapper Breaking Down Borders With Dreams

British rapper and spoken-word artist Potent Whisper is known for his socially conscious rhyming guides that have broken down the world's problems into three-to-five-minute explainers. Over the last few years, his projects have included a lauded book, “The Rhyming Guide to Grenfell Britain,” which was given a mention in the chambers of the UK Parliament. His take on the refugee crisis has... Continue Reading

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The Unabated Bombardment of Idlib in Syria

Over the last few weeks, the northwestern area of Idlib province in Syria has come under constant bombardment from regime forces and its allies. With a disturbing civilian casualty count mounting and a nation in upheaval after years of civil war, waning global attention is causing concern that one of the biggest emergencies in recent history could be bearing one of the worst crises of the... Continue Reading

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The Women of WikiLeaks: Speaking Truth to Power

Information, as powerful as it is, belongs to everyone and can help in individual self-determination. At the center of any WikiLeaks discussion lies Julian Assange, the platform’s founder who has been embroiled in scandals and accusations of misogyny, amongst all else. Lesser known is the story of the women involved in the WikiLeaks phenomenon, as whistleblowing is an area of activity that,... Continue Reading

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Israeli Allies Are Propping Up a Brutal Occupier

The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem unleashed Israel's violence, and states like the UK standing idly by are complicit. On May 14, newspapers around the world contrasted the seeming calm of self-asserting peace as the US opened its new embassy along the Armistice Line that divides East and West Jerusalem with the news of deadly protests in Gaza as Israeli soldiers fired on unarmed... Continue Reading

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Italy's Migration Policy: A Dark Trade-Off on Human Rights

Italy’s policies have failed migrants and refugees crossing from Libya, and things are about to get much worse. Italy’s migration policies have been formidable. Returning boats headed to its shores, compelling NGOs to cease sea rescue missions and paying Libya to stop migrants leaving have all helped to curb migration. But it does so by trading off people’s dignity. With Italy’s March... Continue Reading

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Migrants Need Access to Health Care

The migrant crisis will impede our ability to deliver Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Post-2015, officials of the United Nations (UN) and other stakeholders started to think carefully about what development meant in this new era. Breaking down perceptions beyond extreme poverty or maternal health is still crucially important, but as a global development community, we acknowledged that... Continue Reading

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Run to Tell a Different Story in Palestine

Runners in Palestine exercise their right to movement as marathon season gets underway. On April 26, over 30,000 runners will participate in the annual London Marathon. On the same day, the Madrid, Hamburg and Siracusa marathons will also take place. Popular long distance races occur all year long throughout the world, and they provide countrymen with a focused challenge, uniting runners... Continue Reading

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Anti-Trafficking Strategies: Putting the Victim First

In Malaysia, victims of trafficking are often treated like criminals. Analysts claim human trafficking is rife on every continent on the globe; present in almost every country and, according to the recent annual report of the US State Department on Trafficking in Persons (TIP), the situation in Malaysia paints a grim picture. Malaysia is mainly a destination country of trafficking for the... Continue Reading

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Cutting Borders: Ethnic Tensions and Burmese Refugees

Ethnic tensions and xenophobia follow Burmese refugees across borders. Despite independence in 1948, Burma has been plagued by problems since the military junta took state control in 1962. Power struggles, conflict, occupation, resource extraction and ethnic tensions have all incited Burma’s displacement issue. While exact numbers are unknown, estimates are in the region of 1 million... Continue Reading

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