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A product executive with more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software, Suresh is a writer, avid hiker, dog lover, amateur actor and environmentally conscious. He devotes much of his time analyzing socioeconomic issues and shares his viewpoints and experiences through his blog, newsletter and Fair Observer. He works part-time as a Standardized Patient in Stanford University School of Medicine, volunteers at The Health Trust, a nonprofit that works towards building health equity in Silicon Valley, and serves as a Board of Director in California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Suresh holds graduate degrees in Computer Science and Chemistry from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.
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Are Tamil Brahmins Finally Shifting Their Outlook on Caste?

Seeing Devi, our servant maid, brew a cup of hot filter coffee for my mother, thoroughly shook me up. Devi? Enjoying free access to that sacrosanct location in a Tamil Brahmin home, its kitchen? Free to light the stove, boil the milk, prepare a south Indian decoction, make a steaming hot cup of filter coffee? That too, for my nonagenarian mother? Evidently, Devi has free access to every part... Continue Reading

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Is Operation Enduring Freedom Doomed to Endure Forever?

Those were heady days in the US stock market. I would wake up by 5 am and watch CNBC before the stock market opened for trading at 6:30 am Pacific time. It was no different on the morning of September 11, 2001. Little did I know that catastrophic things were about to happen that would change the world. At 8:45 am Eastern time, an American Airlines flight had crashed into the north tower of... Continue Reading

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Should California Governor Gavin Newsom Be Recalled?

It is turning out to be strange summer in California. The entire West Coast has been experiencing unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires, a sure sign that climate change is taking its toll on our planet. California is also in the midst of political turmoil, fueled by partisan hatred against its Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom. The effort to recall him from a job he was elected to in 2018... Continue Reading

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Biden Scores Key Wins in First 100 Days

US politics has certain steadfast traditions. Evaluating a new president 100 days into their job is one of them, a custom that began when Franklin D. Roosevelt took the helm as the 32nd president in 1933. Many a time, these evaluations tend to pit the new president’s performance against their previous contemporaries. Fortunately for Joe Biden, the bar that Donald Trump had set was so low... Continue Reading

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Is Travel Now a Game of Russian Roulette?

Almost one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, in mid-January, circumstances forced me to take a trip to Chennai, India, from my home in the Bay Area, California. I was apprehensive about traveling abroad during the pandemic. I suspected the rapid spread of the coronavirus globally had to do with international travel, a viewpoint that has been corroborated by a study conducted by... Continue Reading

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Georgia Runoffs Will Decide How Biden Will Govern

The Peach State denizens are headed back to polls yet again on January 5, 2021, this time to decide who will represent Georgia in the US Senate for the next two and six years. The runoff elections for both Senate seats are happening as none of the candidates managed to secure the required majority for an outright victory in the November vote. Georgia has been a Republican stronghold for... Continue Reading

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Searching for the Soul of America

The soul of America is a highly sought-after commodity these days. In their victory speeches, both President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris mentioned that they fought for the soul of America in the tightly-contested elections. Some 75 million people agreed, giving the Biden-Harris ticket the reigns for the next four years to repair and restore the soul of the... Continue Reading

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“All I Want Is For My Vote to Count”

Citizens of the United States of America have finished exercising their right to vote in what is likely to be an election with the highest turnout in more than 100 years. Taking advantage of in-person early voting and by mail, nearly 100 million Americans had cast their ballots even before the polls opened on November 3. That staggering number adds up to nearly... Continue Reading

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Can Donald Trump Steal a Second Term?

US President Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote by more than 3 million in 2016, is trailing his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, in most national polls. It looks like the writing is on the wall for Trump, with his ineptitude and disingenuity laid out for the world to see. Trump is a president whose bungled handling of the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the death of more than 215,000... Continue Reading

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Donald Trump: A President Against His People

In less than two months from now, Americans would have elected their next president. One can only hope that they have elected their 46th president, not reelected their 45th for another four-year term. Electing Donald Trump was nothing short of shooting oneself in the foot with a .45-caliber pistol. Reelecting him will amount to taking that pistol to the head and pulling the trigger. In four... Continue Reading

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