Prabhu Guptara

Prabhu Guptara is a distinguished professor of global business, management and public policy. Born and educated in India, he was responsible for one of the largest companies in the world for think tanks covering global business, economics, politics, social change and technology. He now has a portfolio of activities that include being an independent company director, an author, a prize-winning poet and a public speaker.

India’s Final Solution to All Problems: Poditva

April 01, 2019

America Times’ intrepid time-traveling reporter brings you this news report from January 1, 3028. On the stroke of midnight, in a sensational open-air press conference in New Delhi with hundreds of dignitaries in attendance, the Indian national flag, the tricolor, was lowered over Parliament. It was replaced by a new...

Can We Stop Misgovernance in India?

September 26, 2018

If most of the history of India has been characterized by misgovernance, is there any hope at all that it can be stopped? Before I answer that question, I should say that this article is neither for nor against India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Nor does this article argue...