Nackhoon Han

Nackhoon Han completed his Master’s in Strategic Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University. Previously, he had also earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s in History at the University of Maine. His main research interests are South Korea’s military and defense issues, its diplomatic relations in the Asia-Pacific region, and inter-Korean relations.

Inter-Korean Relations: A Tough Journey Ahead?

South Korea faces various challenges deriving from its northern neighbor as well as regional and international issues.In the upcoming election the candidates need to map out clear visions of inter-Korean and foreign relations. On 19 December, South Koreans will be casting their votes to determine the country’s new president. Once in every five-year period, South Koreans elect their... Continue Reading

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South Korea’s Military Intelligence Pact with Japan: Strategic Necessity or Burden?

Since the failed attempt to sign a first-ever military intelligence agreement with Japan, it is vital that South Korea needs to reassess the entire agreement with respect to its own domestic opinion as well as the broader strategic implications. South Korea and Japan were recently on the verge of signing their first-ever military agreement (the General Security of Military Information Agreement,... Continue Reading

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South Korea’s Quest for Airpower

It is questionable whether using simulators to test fighter jets will be sufficient to decide which ones South Korea's military will acquire. Moreover, the expected expenditure for the procurement project has to be recalculated. South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) is stirring into the third phase of the ambitious plan to acquire new multi-role strike aircraft. The... Continue Reading

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Understanding Airpower Modernization in South Korea

South Korea needs to modernize its air force, considering its past with Japan, North Korea's aggression and China’s increasing in military capabilities. Background South Korea has faced various geo-strategic, military challenges since its independence from Japan in 1945. The climax was the Korean War from June 1950 to July 1953, in which South Korea had fought against North... Continue Reading

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South Korea’s Ever-Changing Political Climate

The economic and socio-political factors impacting South Korea’s political climate are discussed in the wake of this month’s elections, including the influence of the North. The author maps out the most likely political scenario for the southern state. 2012 will be a very important year for South Korea’s domestic politics. In April, there will be a parliamentary election to... Continue Reading

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South Korea & ASEAN: To the Next Phase

South Korea realizes the benefits of good relations with ASEAN but must do more to engage with Southeast Asia. The Republic of Korea’s (ROK) major strategic focus has always been to retain and improve its diplomatic and military ties with the United States against potential threats from North Korea. In recent years, however, the Republic of Korea has shown greater interest in improving... Continue Reading

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