Koos Mohammed

Koos Mohammed is a freelance writer and researcher. She is passionate about human rights and has worked with organizations empowering marginalized people. She is a close observer of the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Devastating Consequences for Women in War

March 10, 2016

The wars in the Middle East have caused much destruction and left millions of victims, especially young girls and women. While the media often focus on cases like Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban in 2012, they often forget the many girls and women whose...

Has UK Government Declared War on Palestinian Rights Supporters?

February 16, 2016

Like Thatcher with apartheid South Africa, David Cameron’s government has firmly placed itself on the wrong side of history. In the United Kingdom, Palestinian rights activists and organizations supporting Palestinian liberation are under attack. Organizations like Friends of Al Aqsa (FOA) have had their bank accounts closed without an explanation, and Prevent—a...

How International Companies Profit From Palestinian Oppression

February 09, 2016

From G4S and Hewlett-Packard to Coca Cola and Motorola, a host of international companies make money off the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. The Palestinian Territories have been under military occupation since 1967 when the newly formed state of Israel took control. Since then, Israel has done well out of...

5 Lessons I Learned in Palestinian Refugee Camps

January 15, 2016

In a game of control and oppression, Israeli authorities use water to exert their control over Palestinians. In 2015, I spent a few months living in Palestinian refugee camps. Before my camp life, I thought I was quite informed about some things but less so about many others. Here are...

Fear Spreads in Britain After Paris Attacks

December 27, 2015

Since the terrorist attacks in France, assaults on Muslims have been on the rise in Britain. In the wake of Paris attacks on November 13, fear is more widespread in Britain than ever before. The number of attacks on Muslims is currently at an all-time high. According to police figures,...