James F. Downes

James F. Downes is a lecturer in comparative politics and the director of admissions and public relations in the Department of Government and Public Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also a senior fellow at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. He has published recent articles in Electoral Studies, Routledge (Contemporary China Series) and is currently working on a book manuscript for Routledge, Democracy & Extremism Series. He also writes regularly for LSE EUROPP, Democratic Audit, UK and Social Europe.

How Do You Tell an Authoritarian From a Fascist These Days?

January 07, 2021

Recent developments in global politics, such as Donald Trump’s reelection campaign or the rise of illiberal democracies across Central and Eastern Europe, have arguably led to a misinterpretation of what many refer to as a “return of fascism.” Although authoritarian populism shares numerous similarities with fascism, these two ideologies differ...

What Drives the Center Right’s Electoral Success?

January 20, 2020

The 2008 economic crisis hit a number of European Union countries like a storm, with widespread patterns of electoral volatility and bad news for governing parties on both the left and right of the political spectrum. A central dimension of political competition in a number of EU countries was centered...

The Populist Radical Right Is an Electoral Threat That Is Here to Stay

June 04, 2019

In the 2019 European Parliament elections, populist radical-right parties have further increased their vote shares. Academic scholarship and media coverage of the populist radical right has expanded considerably in the past few years, due to its rising prominence in global politics. In the 2019 European Parliament elections, these parties have...

Why Is the Far Right Losing Voters in Belgium?

January 22, 2019

Belgium presents a “negative” case where the radical right has experienced a downward electoral spiral. The majority of recent research has focused on the rise of populist radical-right parties in contemporary European politics. Recent cases such as Italy (Northern League), Austria (The Freedom Party), Hungary (Fidesz), Germany (Alternative for Germany)...