Heba Al-Adawy

Heba Al-Adawy is a graduate of the University of Oxford (Trinity College) with an MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies. She specialized in Middle East History and Islamic Political Thought, but has also researched and written on the Former Yugoslavia, and the question of religion and sovereignty in Western Political Thought. Al-Adawy is a former Associate Editor and Contributing Editor (Central & South Asia) at Fair Observer.

The Future Jewish Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Mar 12, 2013

Mitchell Plitnick, former Director of B’Tselem and the Jewish Voice for Peace, speaks to Heba Al-Adawy about the future of political activism, and the obstacles to peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Heba Al-Adawy: As an American Jew, what (and when) was the turning point in your political consciousness with regard...

Contesting National Narratives of Pakistan

Mar 10, 2013

An exploration of the many contesting narratives of what or “who“ defines the meaning of Pakistan Background “I know the minefields of personal sorrow and betrayals that don’t make it to newspapers. I also know of a Pakistan beneath these images that is rich with extraordinary possibilities.” Taymiya Zaman, “Not...

The Cartoons That Resist Amnesia

Feb 17, 2012

An examination of some questions generated by the controversial “Muhammad caricatures”, and wider implications for the freedom of speech. On January 30th, the conviction of two Norwegian men on charges of terrorism against a Danish Newspaper that published the notorious “Muhammad caricatures” re-opened a five-year-old debate. Ironically, the news was...