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Fabian Neuen was born in Malta and grew up in many countries including the Congo and France. His itinerant childhood imbued him with a wanderlust that has taken him to remote regions like Bihar and to rising global capitals of business and culture such as Shanghai. He has travelled to fifty countries, speaks five languages and is a global citizen. He is a proud father of Marie and owns two dogs. Fabian has had a glittering professional and academic career. He has worked in strategy consulting, investment banking, venture capital and the German Air Force. He was on the Dean’s List for his MBA class at INSEAD, was a distinguished student at WHU Koblenz and named one of Siemens’ Global Top Talents. At Siemens he was also promoted to be amongst the company’s youngest managers world-wide. Fabian’s experience as a business leader includes extensive work on information technology and telecommunications projects in Europe and emerging markets, including India and China. He has a proven track record of harnessing the best out of diverse teams and consistently over-delivering on strategic projects such as post-merger integrations for information technology companies in Europe, setting up Chinese operations for Siemens Metals Division and setting up Siemens Engineering Division in India. Fabian met and worked with Atul at Wharton. They began discussing business ideas, and Fabian left Siemens when the idea for Fair Observer came up. He realized that Fair Observer could emerge as a potent platform for challenging flawed assumptions, exploring influential ideas, fostering cross-cultural communication and engaging a new generation of global citizens. As a Co-Founder of Fair Observer, he brought analytical rigor and execution skills to the team and was responsible for business and operations. After having left Fair Observer, he is now focusing on the pet industry, publishing the German dog magazine Issn’ Rüde! as well as the largest dog movie review site.

Ghanaian Oil: Only for the 1 Percent?

By  Kwei Quartey Rather than fostering development, the workings of the oil industry in Ghana seem to be damaging communities and re-routing wealth out of the country. In 2007, substantial oil deposits were discovered in the Jubilee field off the coast of Ghana’s Western Region, and production began in 2010. As a result, Sekondi-Takoradi, the region’s coastal capital, has... Continue Reading

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Maniacs? Academics and the Guttenberg Case…

Undoubtedly, the fraud has shaken up the German (and to some degree European) academic world. Recent investigations indicate many more cases will be uncovered over the next several months. Where does the obsession with academic degrees come from? What are the loopholes in the system, and why they persist? Herr Professor Doktor Doktor, Your Table is Waiting Academic titles convey seriousness... Continue Reading

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Germany’s nightmare: Responding to the Libyan Crisis

The German position with regard to intervention in Libya is marked by caution and hesitation. They will be criticized anyhow Scarred by the memories of being responsible for two world wars in the last century, Germany has always had serious psychological and internal problems with participating in UN peacekeeping and military missions. For decades, Germany did not participate at all,... Continue Reading

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Interview with Michel Dupont

Fabian Neuen interviews a Frenchman who has spent the last eight years in Frankfurt, about his observations on life in Germany. Fabian Neuen: You are French but you have spent the last 8 years in Germany - how can this happen? Michel Dupont: I arrived in Germany in January 2003 to finish my studies in a private business school near Koblenz. I drove in with a friend, the town was in a state... Continue Reading

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Europe’s Fear of Germany

History Germany is a dream and a dream of a country. Looking back at history, the concept of modern Germany is a relatively new one. In ancient times, the Germanic barbarians were among the first people to stand up to the Roman Empire, which eventually settled its border along the river Rhine. For centuries, however, no unification of these tribes occurred. Instead, Germany found itself in a... Continue Reading

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