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Corrado Čok is a young professional in conflict resolution and development. He currently supports the implementation of a humanitarian project in Djibouti and collaborates with Gulf State Analytics, focusing on the Horn of Africa and its relations with Middle Eastern countries. Previously, Corrado worked for one year in the EU advocacy sector in Brussels, Belgium. He holds an MA in Conflict Resolution from King's College London. He speaks English, French and Italian fluently and Arabic at an intermediate level.
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Why Is Somalia’s Political Crisis So Difficult to Solve?

There seems to be no end in sight for the political crisis in Somalia. On February 8, the mandate of President Muhammad Abdullahi Muhammad, commonly known as Farmajo, expired without a date set for either parliamentary or presidential elections. The protests called by the opposition Council of the Presidential Candidates in the following days were met with growing repression from government... Continue Reading

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Biden’s Policy Shift on Yemen Rings Alarm Bells in Riyadh

At the beginning of February, the Biden administration made two relevant decisions on Yemen with far-reaching consequences for the country and US policy in the Arabian Peninsula. The first announcement concerned the end of US support for "offensive operations" conducted by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, a campaign promise President Joe Biden followed through. The US will suspend all pending... Continue Reading

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Russia Joins the Red Sea Scramble

Russia has come back to the crowded Red Sea. On November 11, 2020, the Russian government announced its agreement with Sudan to establish a naval base at the city of Port Sudan. While the Russian navy already enjoys access rights to the port, the concession with Khartoum envisages the creation of a Russian logistics center that will host up to 300 personnel and four naval units, including... Continue Reading

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Ethiopia’s Heavy Hand in Tigray Sends a Message

The crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has come to an end — at least on the surface. In November 2020, the Ethiopian National Defense Force quickly recaptured all urban areas in Tigray with the support of the Amhara Fano militia and the Eritrean military. Although the parties avoided major confrontation, the military operation left hundreds of casualties on the ground and displaced an... Continue Reading

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Israel’s Comeback in the Horn of Africa

In 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu was the first Israeli prime minister to visit Africa in 30 years. The visit was consistent with his announced intent to rebuild Israel's ties with the continent, especially East Africa, where his tour took him through Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Narrowing down focus on the Horn of Africa, Israel has a long history of engagement in the region that dates back to... Continue Reading

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Kuwait Succession: Keeping the Boat Steady in Troubled Waters

On September 29, Kuwaiti Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah passed away after ruling for 14 years. Messages of condolences flooded from all over the world to mourn a statesman who will be remembered as a respected mediator in a troubled region. After serving for 40 years as foreign minister, Emir Sabah had earned robust diplomatic credentials which he harnessed during his reign to mediate in... Continue Reading

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Can the India-China Confrontation Play Out in East Africa?

China and India have never been friendly neighbors. The laws of geopolitics set the two Asian giants against one another. In recent years, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s confrontation with the US and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitions for a powerful and global India have inflamed nationalism on both sides of the Himalayan border. Bilateral tensions peaked in June, when... Continue Reading

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