C. Uday Bhaskar

Commodore C Uday Bhaskar, is currently Senior Fellow at the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi, where he served as Director from 2009 - 2011. He retired from the Indian Navy in early 2007 after 37 years of service. He joined the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses in 1989 where he served as the Deputy Director (1996-2004) and later headed the Institute until late 2005. Subsequently he was appointed Member-Secretary of the Government of India’s Task Force on 'Global Strategic Developments' which reported directly to the PM of India. Bhaskar was Editor of Maritime Affairs and Strategic Analysis; and is currently on the Editorial Board of Contemporary Security Policy. He has edited books on nuclear, maritime and international security related issues, and has contributed over 60 research articles to journals in India and abroad. He is a guest lecturer at the Indian National Defense College. He is a life member of the United Services Institute and is part of the Governing Council of the Indian Council on World Affairs and the RIS. He is also a member of the Advisory Panel of the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi. Bhaskar is also Chairman of the Middle East Institute, New Delhi.

Is There a Silver Lining in the General's Actions?

The controversy surrounding General V.K. Singh’s memo has brought to the fore more deep-seated problems in India’s civil-military relationship. As recent deliberations in the Indian parliament suggested, the controversy over the leaking of a confidential communication between Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has become increasingly acrimonious.... Continue Reading

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Maldives Crisis Tests India's Regional Profile

India is bearing witness to a tense political situation in the Maldive Islands. Its response may be vital in shaping the future of the Maldives and India’s relation with it. The ongoing political crisis which erupted on February 7 in the small island nation of Maldives, led to the ouster of former President Mohamed Nasheed and the swearing-in of the Vice President Mohammed Waheed Hassan... Continue Reading

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India in 2012: Strategic and Security Challenges Beckon

India’s greatest challenges are that its political class seems oblivious to the big picture and that national security does not receive the attention it warrants in Parliament. For India, the year that has dawned will have to address a complex set of security and related strategic challenges. Appropriate lessons will have to be gleaned from the tainted year that has ended—a year... Continue Reading

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Signs of Strain

A critical appraisal of India’s ability to conduct itself as a nuclear armed state. November 2011 is a particularly appropriate time to review how effective India’s defence policy has been in managing the complex national security(NS) challenges it has been dealing with since August 1947.The short assessment is that the existing higher defence management policies are far from... Continue Reading

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Former Indian Supreme Court Justice Examines Corruption in the Judiciary

India is riveted on what has been termed as the biggest corruption case todate – the 2G telecom scandal – that began in a special CBI court in Delhi on Friday (Non 11). On trial are former telecom minister A Raja and the high profile MP – animozhi, daughter of DMK supremo, Karunanidhi, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and 12 other individuals that includes senior... Continue Reading

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Pre-Halloween Terror Attacks in Kabul: Ominous for Obama

The October 31 attacks in Afghanistan are further complicating matters for US and NATO troops in the region and underlining the question of how best to leave Afghanistan. This year's Halloween (Oct 31) has been horrific for the US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces. The deadly suicide car bomb attack on an armor-plated US military bus in Kabul on Saturday (October 29) that... Continue Reading

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China's Recall Of 1911: Implications for India

Implications of recent Chinese history on Chinese-Indian relations. A hundred years may be a brief temporal punctuation for an ancient civilisation like China or India but the commemoration of the 1911 Xinhai revolution that overthrew the Qing dynasty in China may be deemed an event of tectonic proportion for Asia, in particular  and the world by extension.  Two millennia of... Continue Reading

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