Annika Schall

Annika Schall is the former Africa Editor at Fair Observer. She is a freelance journalist and translator. A native German, Schall speaks several languages and has traveled extensively. She is interested in politics and international relations, as well as arts and culture. Her main focus is on the African continent and its politics. Schall holds a Master's degree in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies, and a BA in Politics and Communication Science.

The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

December 09, 2013

Mandela has become a symbol of what one can achieve with true dedication to a cause. Background When Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in 1918, South Africa was a country entirely different from what it is today. Since colonial times, people of color in South Africa were seen as second-class citizens...

Protracted Refugee Situations: Stuck in Limbo

June 20, 2013

Refugees are increasingly spending more than five years in exile. Host countries and the international community need to deal with the implications of this development. The question of how to treat people who have fled their homes has been around for quite some time. However, a fairly recent development requires...

Gender-Based Violence in South Africa: Interview with Bernedette Muthien

September 27, 2012

Interview conducted by Annika Schall Bernedette Muthien, Executive Director of the South African NGO Engender, speaks to Annika Schall about gender based violence, its root causes and possible solutions. Question 1: What are the most common forms of gender based violence in South Africa and what are its root causes?

Elections in Ghana

September 06, 2012

This December, Ghanaians will be heading to the polls to elect the next president of the country. Their decision will be crucial in determining Ghana’s political and economic future. Background

Political Crisis in Mali

August 09, 2012

Since January 2012 Mali has been embroiled in political conflict, which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis in the region and poses a threat to international security. Background

Sierra Leone: Ten Years Later

May 28, 2012

Though the decision to end the civil war in 2002 was certainly a welcome development for Sierra Leone, ten years later challenges still remain in terms of resolution and reconciliation in the country.  Background

Oil in Africa

April 22, 2012

Background Oil is definitely among the most important natural resources of our time. According to a report by the African Development Bank and the African Union, it is estimated that in 2025 global oil demand will have increased by 57% compared to today. Considering that oil is non-renewable and therefore...

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