It’s Time to Act, Not React, on North Korea

Mar 30, 2021

Although things have been quiet in recent months and there has been no active dialogue between North Korea and the United States, developments in recent days suggest that Pyongyang is back on the agenda of the international community. First, it became known that the US has been reaching out to...

Kim Jung-un’s Understanding of Self-Reliance

Jan 07, 2021

Like Diogenes wandering through the streets of Athens seeking an honest man, The Guardian seems to have stumbled across the first political leader willing to recognize the disappointing reality of his own politics. Who is that rare honest leader? North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-un. The Guardian...

A New Direction for Nukes and North Korea

Oct 09, 2020

North Korea’s acquisition of nuclear weapons has changed the nuclear balance in Northeast Asia. But it hasn’t altered the way politicians and diplomats approach the question of arms control and disarmament in the region. The debate among influencers continues to revolve around two versions of...

COVID-19, South Korea and the “Death” of Kim

Apr 30, 2020

We Need a Coronavirus Truce

Apr 03, 2020

During World War I, soldiers all along the Western front held a series of informal truces in December 1914 to commemorate Christmas. It was early in the war, and opposition had not yet hardened into implacable enmity. The military command, caught by surprise, could not impose complete battlefield...

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