Green Gold: The Curse of the Avocado

Jun 02, 2021

Guacamole, or so BBC has claimed, is “undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most popular dishes,” dating back to the times of the Aztecs. Thanks to Pancho Villa and Old El Paso’s spice mix, guacamole has conquered European lunch and dinner tables from Norway to France, from Switzerland to Spain....

US, NATO and the Question of Russia

May 31, 2021

If the question of a rising China and its possible collision with the United States is a central issue in world affairs today, then the rivalry between Russia and the US is the most pressing security challenge in the European theater. From the second half of the Obama administration, through...

Russia Wants to Portray the West as a Failure

May 27, 2021

How is Russia trying to improve its image in Central and Eastern Europe and the western Balkans? Edward Lucas, a senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, says that Moscow is most interested in depicting the West as a failure.

Biden Changes the Russia Equation

May 18, 2021

The Biden administration is posing some stark choices for its European allies. It is not only challenging them to stand more firmly against the Kremlin, but is expanding America’s expectations of what democracy should be inside their own countries. President Joe Biden’s tough position on...

The Image of Russia

May 06, 2021

Should the EU​ be worried, and is there anything it can do to limit the spread of Russian narratives? In the first of a series of conversations on the image of Russia​, Mark Galeotti, senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, discusses Russia’s influence in Europe.

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