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As a Nigerian, This is What Feminism Means to Me

Why is the term “feminist” understood as a role for the angry woman who can’t find a man? *[Note: The author identifies herself as “womxn,” which is a means of linguistic dissociation from the word “man” and also a way to recognize...


Nigerian Elections Set the Stage for Jonathan vs Buhari

Nigeria faces an uphill battle as it wades through challenges that could derail its presidential elections. Seen as a fast growing economy and a strong democratic force in the region, Nigeria is at a crossroads in its journey as a rising African...

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Dubai Holds Powerful Lessons For Nigeria

With Dubai’s example in mind, Nigeria must diversify its economy so its people see the benefits. As Nigerians prepare for a presidential election amid a Boko Haram insurgency, the question remains: What about the economy? With falling oil prices,...

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The World This Week: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Republican senators in the US and hard-line mullahs in Iran have made common cause against prospects of peace. Who would have imagined that clean cut white Christians in the US Senate would hop into bed with hard-line bearded Shiite mullahs in Iran?...

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