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Refugees: Stopping the Madness

Widespread violence around the world has caused millions of people to suffer and live in poverty. Muslim countries are rocked by war, hunger and poverty. The cries for help of people who live amid death, injury and destruction are heartbreaking. In...

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Global Inequality: Why it Matters

Despite improvements in rates of inequality, almost half of the world’s wealth is still owned by 1% of the population. Since 1990, global poverty has halved, going down from 43% of the world population subsisting on less than $1 a day to 21% in...

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Al-Shabab: A Revenue Rebirth?

Al-Shabab’s economic strategy is dipping into new wealth, making the group ever more dangerous. By late 2008, it was estimated that al-Shabab controlled most of south-central Somalia. Although it took years of putting forces together and placing...

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