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War: The Hell Where Peace and Laughter Go

War has remained a near constant and destructive force in the history of human development. Background According to Stephen Pinker, we live in the safest of times. In his book, The Better Angels of our Nature, he writes: “The decline in violence...

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Nigeria and Efforts at Environmental Management

For environmental laws and regulations to become effective in Nigeria, the government must enact change. Human beings cannot really claim to be living a life that is fully human, if they do not live in harmony with nature. In countries like the...

Kenya: From Prison Inmates to Ambassadors of Change

Nafisika Trust aims to help young people in Kenyan prisons to become ambassadors of change, not of crime. Vickie Wambura Wamonje founded Nafisika Trust after discovering that Kenyan prisoners were often young repeat offenders who continued to...

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