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Water Scarcity Risks Being a Source of Conflict

The depletion of freshwater resources will inevitably lead to tension, conflict and migration among large swathes of the world’s population.  Yemen, an impoverished desert country...

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Make Sense of the Month: Radical Islam, Peace and Power

Unemployment, inequality and segregated ghettos create powerful breeding grounds for radicalism. Three developments were of particular importance in February. First, turmoil continued in the Middle East and Africa. Second, fighting in Ukraine ended...

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The World This Week: Marx Returns From the Grave

Misjudgment and poor policy choices have led to the Greek crisis and Ukrainian conflict. Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, has become a bit of a cult figure and even a sex icon. With his bald head, untucked shirt and clever turn of...


Your Guide to Africa’s Elections

The world will be watching Africa as countries around the continent head to the ballot box throughout 2015. The number of electoral democracies mushroomed in Africa over the past two decades — a far cry from the days when incumbents would postpone...

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The World This Week: Peace, Violence and Scandal

Putin has responded with characteristic ruthlessness as Russian prestige has taken a thrashing over the last few months. After protracted coffee-fueled all-night negotiations in Minsk, Ukraine has a deal for a ceasefire. Shelling has intensified...

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