The Next President Needs to Learn From Past Mistakes

September 04, 2020

Thirteen years ago, in summer 2007, I wrote a memo for the future president of the United States. The one who would take office in 2020. At the time, I had no idea who would win the 2008 presidential election, much less an election in the distant future. In summer 2007, Hillary Clinton was the...

The Way We Never Were

The Brain Malfunction Affecting the US and Its Respectable Media

August 12, 2020

Ever since Dwight Eisenhower denounced the military-industrial complex in no uncertain terms, the intelligence community (IC) can be seen as the literal brain of an immense, tentacular but poorly-structured system of economic and political governance. The clandestine nature of its activities...

CNN and the Art of Overstatement

March 03, 2020

After echoing a report leaked by The Washington Post a day before the Nevada caucuses claiming that an intelligence briefing a month earlier had informed members of Congress that Russia was once again interfering in US elections to get President Donald Trump reelected, CNN made an effort to find...

Obama Pushes the Envelope Before Sealing It Shut

November 21, 2019

Writing for MSN News, journalist Dave Goldiner can’t contain his enthusiasm for what he calls former US President Barack Obama’s “rare advice to the crowded field of 2020 Democrats.“  Goldiner focuses on this oracular pronouncement of the twice-elected former president: “Even as...

Voter Disenfranchisement in the United States

Why US-China Cooperation is Important in Dealing With North Korea

October 27, 2016

US-China cooperation and a coherent strategy are necessary to roll back the nuclear ambitions of North Korea. In response to North Korea’s fifth nuclear test in September, Chinese and American diplomats are negotiating sanctions to limit the nation’s energy trade, according to sources at...

An Indonesian Reaction to Obama’s Re-Election (Part II)

November 23, 2012

Barack Obama has been re-elected as president of the US. Given an increasingly complicated US – China relationship Indonesia now has to decide how to balance the two superpowers. On November 6th 2012, it was announced that the people of the US had reelected President Barack Obama to a second...

The Relevance of the US-Presidential Election for Indonesia: A Pre-Election Analysis (Part 1)

November 05, 2012

For Indonesia, the outcome of the American presidential election in November 2012 will be of great importance. This article will outline the most important contemporary matters of interest in the Indonesian-American relationship from a pre-election perspective. On November 6th 2012, the people...

Obama’s Empire: The Arab and Muslim World

November 03, 2012

Many approach the US presidential elections seeking to choose between the "lesser of two evils". But does voting the passive voice have serious implications for American foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim world? For liberal America, it is becoming harder and harder to sell the...

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