Is Another 9/11 Inevitable?

December 08, 2020

FO Live asks if another mass casualty terrorist attack is inevitable. What drives terrorism in the 21st century? And is there a solution to this phenomenon?

Insecurity in the Sahel Region

September 17, 2020

Throughout the Sahel, international borders are porous, poverty rates are high, and there is a history of violent conflict making social fabrics acutely fragile.

Countering Insurgencies and Violent Extremism in South and Southeast Asia

September 01, 2020

Today, people’s rising aspirations often sit at odds with political stability. Impatience, dissent and violent protests can easily slip into insurgency and terrorism. Various state machineries stand guilty of weaponizing political disaffection in pursuit of political goals. These policies often...

The Threat of ISIS in Tunisia

September 11, 2019

Since 2011, Tunisia has been widely recognized as the Arab Spring’s only success story. But the North African state's political transition faces grave threats.

We May Be Better Off Without a Clear Definition of Terrorism

July 23, 2019

In all likelihood, you have an ambiguous understanding of “terrorism.” The average individual can recognize an event as terrorism but, when asked to define the term, is able to offer only the most general of definitions. The reason for this is that terrorism is undefined or, more accurately,...

The Munich Massacre: 46 Years On

September 04, 2018

International sporting events, especially the Olympic Games, are a perfect theater in which to play out political dramas. “The world will begin hearing us. We are, for 24 years, the world's largest refugee population. Our homes taken from us, living in camps, no future, no food, nothing decent...

Gangster Jihadists: The Crime-Terror Nexus

November 29, 2017

Nobody really knows for sure whether today’s terrorists are really yesterday’s criminals, thugs and gangsters. It seems that studying terrorism and terrorists through the prism of past criminal activities has become particularly fashionable. Western media outlets have been awash with...

Blood Buddhas: How Indian Heritage Fuels the Terror Machinery

August 29, 2017

Cultural artifacts from across the world are being peddled so bombs can be thrown back at us. How much does a terrorist attack cost? Where does the money come from? How does the money get through to terror groups? How are far-off countries like India an integral part of the terror-funding...

Rethinking Incarceration: Europe’s Jihadist Incubators

August 10, 2017

Jailing returning jihadists among the general prison population presents a worrying source of radicalization in Europe. On July 26, a German court sentenced Sven Lau, a known recruiter of foreign fighters, to more than five years in prison. One immediate concern following the continued loss of...

When Yazidi Leaders Speak

July 11, 2017

The Yazidis of the Middle East have been persecuted for centuries. But who are they? Since 2014, a unique ethno-religious community in northern Iraq/Kurdistan known as the Yazidis have been persecuted ruthlessly by the Islamic State (IS). The information within this article is built upon what...

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