China and the Perils of Bipartisanship

March 19, 2021

Not a single congressional Republican voted for the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Not even the so-called moderate Republicans, the handful who backed the second impeachment of former US President Donald Trump, deigned to support an economic package that helps Americans hardest hit by the...

A Deeper Look into Hong Kong’s Evolution

March 18, 2021

In the wake of dramatic protests that Western media have covered extensively over the past two years, Keith Zhai and Chun Han Wong, writing for The Wall Street Journal, report that changes are about to take place in Hong Kong. Whether the planned changes will appease last year’s protesters...

The Great Game of the 21st Century

August 20, 2020

From 1830 to 1895, the British and Russian Empires schemed and plotted over control of Central and South Asia. At the heart of the “Great Game” was the United Kingdom’s certainty that the Russians had designs on India. So, wars were fought, borders drawn and generations of young met death in...

Can China Duplicate the US Military-Industrial Complex?

August 13, 2020

With the 2020 US election approaching, the Republicans, led by President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, appear to have decided that there are only two issues worth pursuing. The first,  which they hope the American public will swallow, would be the visibly diminished...

China Closes in on the US in Science

August 09, 2020

China has for the first time taken the top position in the Nature Index as the biggest producer of high-quality research in chemistry. What will the future of China science look like? Quantum physics may be science on an impossibly small scale, but it is one field where China is staking a...

Are the US and China Locked in a New Cold War?

August 07, 2020

In our first FO Live, we look at relations between China and the US and ask whether we are seeing a new Cold War.

India and China: A Time for Diplomacy, Not Confrontation

August 07, 2020

Chinese and Indian forces have pulled back from their confrontation in the Himalayas, but the tensions that set off the deadly encounter this past June — the first on the China-India border since 1975 — are not going away. Indeed, a poisonous combination of local disputes, regional antagonisms...

Water Becomes a Weapon in China’s Geopolitical Chess

May 14, 2020

Many centuries ago, the great Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu observed: “The nature of water is such that it avoids heights and hastens to the lowlands. When a dam is broken, the water cascades with irresistible force. Now the shape of an army resembles water. Take advantage of the enemy’s...

China’s Race for Scientific and Technological Supremacy

January 13, 2020

Science and technology will become the lifeblood of the Chinese economy in this decade and will remain its lifeblood in the future. That is, in part, because China has become sufficiently advanced to be able to effectively compete with the US and other technological leaders in the West. It is also...

America vs. China: An Ideological Choice

January 06, 2020

China’s incredible rise as a global power over the past 30 years has really only been possible because of the liberal world order that America helped create, which Beijing used to its maximum advantage. China has embedded itself into the world order economically, diplomatically, technologically,...

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