How Blue Bonds Promise to Boost Latin America’s Economy

November 17, 2021

The recent issuance of Latin America’s first blue bond could be a major milestone. The region stands to benefit from this nascent financial mechanism aimed at protecting water sources and creating opportunities for populations living near them. Announced during the UN climate summit in...

Joe Biden Faces Many Challenges in Latin America

June 17, 2021

Donald Trump, the 45th US president, broke with decades of a relatively bipartisan foreign policy consensus by wreaking havoc on US bilateral relations with China and the European Union. Latin America was an exception to the Trump playbook. It is true that US relations with Mexico were...

Understanding Paraguay’s Political Economy

October 19, 2020

Need Lithium and Other Metals? Time to Invest in Latin America

December 20, 2019

Since the beginning of European colonialism in the 16th century, adventurers and investors have responded to the opportunities that exist to control entire zones where they can freely extract raw materials without being bothered by the local populations who may find them invasive. The traditional...

The Next Generation of Cybersecurity in Latin America

January 24, 2019

Security risks will outpace cyber network defenses, unless data safety is bolstered by further regulations and investments. Governments and businesses need to place a higher wager on cybersecurity and create a working system that prioritizes costs upfront on detection and prevention. When...

Back to El Salvador: The Fallout of “Shithole Countries” Diplomacy

December 14, 2018

El Salvador is among the nations that Donald Trump dubbed “shithole countries” and whose immigrants he seeks to deport as quickly as possible. Even during his election campaign, US President Donald Trump described immigration from El Salvador and other Central American countries as an...

The European Union Will Accompany Latin America in the Path of Progress

November 25, 2014

An exclusive Fair Observer interview with former Austrian Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner. Trade ties and political exchanges between the European Union (EU) and Latin America are growing. The EU is the second biggest trade partner for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and some 2.2...