US and South Korea Renew Commitment to Promoting Democracy

September 06, 2021

The summit in May between Joe Biden and Moon Jae-in delivered numerous positive outcomes that advanced the United States and South Korea as a future-oriented alliance. The two allies redoubled their cooperation in areas that are becoming more and more crucial globally, including emerging tech,...

The Hidden History of Korean Anarchism

March 19, 2021

The Death and Life of Great Korean Cities

November 11, 2019

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: “Showdown” with Milk and Pompeo

July 12, 2018

Can the diplomatic attack on mother’s milk herald the imminent eruption of a smoldering volcano? Perhaps the last days of Mike Pompeo? In a story about the wholesomeness of mothers’ milk, The New York Times exposes the current negotiating techniques of the United States, intent as always to...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: “Shock” of Trump

May 28, 2018

Trump and North Korea: what happens when the US is governed by a shock doctrinaire. The Guardian relays this remark made by Will Ripley, a CNN reporter, after he read out loud to North Korean officials Donald Trump’s letter in which he announced that he was canceling the proposed talks with...

The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: “Improvisation” with Trump and Kim

May 01, 2018

Why are we so uncomfortable with the idea of improvising? Business Insider’s Tara Francis Chan analyses the clues from the historic meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas: Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in. Chan noticed that the North Korean leader surprised observers by allowing himself to...

Korea and the Geopolitics of the Impossible

April 27, 2018

Careful Korean diplomacy, coupled by Trump's desire to do what Obama couldn't, could mean a rapprochement on the Korean Peninsula no one thought possible. In geopolitics, everything is impossible — until, suddenly, it isn‘t. Wars that no one ever believed could happen flare into existence,...

Doing What’s Right in a Dangerous World

November 08, 2017

Today’s real and present nuclear danger seems so much more immediate because Trump has his unstable hand on the nuclear button. The United States of America is the only nation on earth that has ever purposely used nuclear weapons to kill human beings — approximately 66,000 dead in Hiroshima...