Should Hezbollah Be Disarmed?

July 09, 2020

Amid Lebanon’s ongoing anti-government protests, various demonstrators have held signs demanding “No weapons but legal weapons. 1559, make it happen.” This is a clear reference to Hezbollah, a hybrid organization, political party, social movement and a regional player with global...

How Lebanon’s “WhatsApp Revolution” Affects Hezbollah

December 05, 2019

The Islamic Republic of Iran has invested heavily in Lebanon’s Hezbollah for many years. Considered the world’s most powerful non-state actor, Hezbollah has played a key role in Tehran’s foreign policy in the Arab region.

Argentina Designates Hezbollah a Terrorist Group

August 13, 2019

In July 2019, Argentina designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization, accusing the Lebanese Shia group of deadly attacks against the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in the 1990s.

More Puzzling Decision-Making From Saudi Arabia

March 02, 2016

The latest move by Saudi Arabia will do little to curb Hezbollah’s actions in Syria. Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban its citizens from traveling to Lebanon only raises more questions about the kingdom’s foreign policy in the Middle East. The travel ban comes on the heels of previous...

Shia Lebanese Have Been Dehumanized and Forgotten

November 23, 2015

It’s not just the West that has treated the Beirut bombings with apathy, but also the rest of the Middle East.  Adel Termos did not hesitate to throw himself at the man he saw approaching a crowded mosque with an explosive vest. He was instantly killed when the bomb went off right in front of...

Lebanon and Islamic State Reveal Cracks in Arab World

June 16, 2015

Lebanon’s tensions demonstrate the flawed nature of nation-states in the Arab world. When states are created without the correspondence of a crystallized nation, the outcome of nationalism can be linked to community tensions and, to some extent, the development of terrorist...

Will There Be Another Israel-Hezbollah War?

January 30, 2015

Sara El-Yafi answers this question with an illustration of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah. “War?! Will this be another July war?” was an exciting question to ask following the latest Hezbollah-Israeli events. And knowing Israel’s love of war, in Lebanon, we worry, you know?...

The Hezbollah Cavalcade: Iran’s Important Weapon in the Middle East

June 07, 2014

Foreign Shi’a fighters active in the Syrian conflict are a potent future weapon for Iran.   The Syrian Civil War is attracting a significant number of Shi’a jihadist fighters from the greater Middle East. With estimates ranging from 7,000-15,000, many of these fighters are traveling to...

Lesson of Lebanon Can Help Solve Syrian Crisis

February 19, 2014

Could Lebanon's 15-year conflict prove to be a lesson for Syria? Lebanon’s civil war, which cost some 150,000 lives, was brought to a much needed if unsatisfactory end by the Taif Agreement, or National Reconciliation Accord. It had become clear to the warring Shi'a, Sunni and...

The Iran Deal Legitimizes a Terrorist Group

February 06, 2014

Negotiating with Iran provides legitimacy to its Lebanese proxy: Hezbollah. Hezbollah can destroy any target within Israel, a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) recently said, while US officials say Syrian forces have transferred advanced guided...

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