What HIV Teaches Us: The Need for Affordable Health Care

HIV and COVID-19 have both laid bare that stark racial disparities exist in population health and in access to quality medical care in the United States.

Why Addressing Social Factors Could Improve US Health Care

August 31, 2019

Health in the US is a tale of two starkly different realities. The better-off and well-connected are not only in a stronger position to receive care when they need it, but they also start off with advantages that have a tremendous effect on health — in housing, employment, stress levels, food...

Is Music Damaging Your Hearing?

March 03, 2016

One in seven people is at risk of hearing impairment. What do you think is one of the greatest risks facing 1 billion teenagers and young adults in the world today? An uncertain future or bleak employment prospects? The answer might surprise you. Thanks to the proliferation of personal music...

Here’s Some Food for Thought

What is the Risk of Transmitting HIV?

December 01, 2015

There are new effective strategies to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Charlie Sheen’s recent announcement that he has HIV has raised concerns about whether he may have transmitted the infection to other people. While we obviously don’t know his specific medical details (and really,...

How Women Are Bearing the Brunt of the Ebola Epidemic

October 16, 2014

Three-quarters of Ebola victims are women, with caretakers especially at risk. The deadliest Ebola outbreak on record is sweeping West Africa, with over 3,400 lives claimed already. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 20,000 additional cases will be reported by November. And women...

Recycling Soap: When Small Ideas Heal the World

August 03, 2014

Poor hygiene is an all too common cause for disease and death, but simple measures could curb the problem. A common scenario: It’s an early African morning and, as the sun pierces through the perforated wooden windows of her bedroom, Nyambok lets out a yelp from a jaw-dropping stomach ache....

Health Per Acre – The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 3/3)

April 08, 2013

What are the Risks to Human Health if use of Chemical is not Restricted Pesticides target harmful pests along with useful insects. This results in disappearance of useful insect species such as honey bee. Evidence suggests that the number of honey bee colonies dropped in US farmland by 57% from...

Health Per Acre – The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 2/3)

April 04, 2013

The analysis done in the previous issue points at the opportunity cost of practicing Industrial farming which is equal to the cost of increased amount of nutrition produced through ecologically intensive organic farming. Although stock markets were flooded with excess of a few food commodities, the...

Health Per Acre – The Real Wealth of Farmers (Part 1/3)

March 27, 2013

The introduction of chemicals and, thereby, progression to chemical intensive conventional farming led to simultaneous development of two types of trends in Indian agriculture- that of investing huge sums of money in seeds, fertilizers to nourish these seeds, and pesticides to protect them, and...

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