Is Travel Now a Game of Russian Roulette?

March 29, 2021

Almost one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, in mid-January, circumstances forced me to take a trip to Chennai, India, from my home in the Bay Area, California. I was apprehensive about traveling abroad during the pandemic. I suspected the rapid spread of the coronavirus globally had to do with...

COVID Conspiracies in Historical Perspective

Misinformation about the current public health crisis — which has either denied the existence of the virus entirely or framed it as an intentional product — has proliferated at an alarming rate.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19

March 14, 2021

A new machine learning approach to COVID-19 testing has produced encouraging results in Greece. The technology, named Eva, dynamically used recent testing results collected at the Greek border to detect and limit the importation of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases among arriving international...

Making the “Now Normal” Work

October 26, 2020

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdowns, it seemed like things would never wholly go back to how they were. We discovered that people could work efficiently from home without being monitored in the office. Students, some of whom had previously moved across the world...

A New Social Contract Amid a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic coincides with a worldwide movement toward more authoritarianism and fewer civil liberties — a movement that has been going on for some time, well before the outbreak. Populism, conspiracy theories, disinformation campaigns, right-wing political extremism and the rise of...

Scientists’ Social Engagement Is Needed to Stem the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the unpreparedness and inability of many countries to effectively manage complex risks and ensure community resilience. An important dimension of this dangerous flaw is the sharp divide between those who rely on science to shape policies and actions, and...

Nurturing Talent Will Help Companies Survive the Pandemic

August 09, 2020

Great leaders develop talent on a continuous basis, according to Tuck School of Business professor Sydney Finkelstein. In a conversation with Wharton’s Peter Cappelli, he explains why that’s more important than ever.

The History of the Respirator and Cloth Mask

Because of COVID-19, N95 respirators and cloth masks now dominate the news and are at the heart of often vitriolic public debates. Both futuristic and somehow archaic at the same time, millions now depend on their use to prevent infection of a potentially deadly illness.

COVID-19: Balancing Health Emergencies and Human Rights

July 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to governments around the world imposing state emergencies under the pretext of protecting public health. Such measures, which have included both partial and full lockdowns to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease, have had an...

The City on the Hill Has Lost Its Shine and Its Bounce

July 08, 2020

In a dramatic headline, Yahoo News expresses its surprise if not dismay that a “staggering 62 percent of Americans no longer see America as Ronald Reagan's 'shining city on a hill.'” Yahoo and YouGov published their poll to give an idea of the mood of the nation on this year’s Fourth of July...

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