The Year to Protect People and the Planet

January 13, 2022

In October 2021, a vote by the UN Human Rights Council recognized that we all have a right to a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. Our most fundamental human rights are inextricable from the health of the natural world, including the right to adequate food and even the right to...

Can a Non-Lethal Eco-Terrorism Strategy Pay Off?

January 07, 2022

In 2025, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is hit by a killer heatwave. The astronomical temperatures resulting from solar radiation kill 20 million people. In the wake of this climate disaster, a new movement arises in India: an eco-terrorist network called the Children of Kali. The Hindu...

The Global Climate Crisis Is the New Frontier of Justice

January 04, 2022

These past two years have made the international community finally realize that complex global challenges and crises will not go away easily and are likely to become the norm rather than the exception in this turbulent 21st century. First, the COVID-19 pandemic is obviously far from over....

The Myths and Realities of South Korea’s Green New Deal

December 13, 2021

The Green New Deal is a progressive wish list that combines the reduction of carbon emissions with investments in Green technologies and Green jobs. In the United States, the Green New Deal has largely remained aspirational: a non-binding resolution that has not yet come to a vote in...

Our Green Future: Is It All About the Money?

December 08, 2021

Take a look at the suited people at COP26. Some look inquisitively around as the bill is slipped across the table to them. Others pull out the inside of their empty pockets and shrug their shoulders. Some recall past promises and claim they are still owed money. Others point to someone else’s...

The Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

Did COP26 Deliver for the Planet?

December 01, 2021

The Glasgow Climate Pact aims to reduce the worst impacts of climate change. Countries agreed to reduce the use of coal that is responsible for 40% of annual carbon dioxide emissions. But many believe that COP26 did not go far enough.

What Does 60˚C Mean for the Middle East?

November 30, 2021

Global warming is an established ongoing threat, and the Middle East is warming at twice the global average. This summer, Oman, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have experienced temperatures surging above 50˚C. It is quite plausible that temperatures could rise closer to 60˚C over the coming...

Water World: Is Climate Change Driving Our Future Out to Sea?  

November 29, 2021

There is no question about it: Our planet is warming faster than ever before. Having plateaued around 280 parts per million for thousands of years, global CO2 emissions have shot past 400 ppm at the end of the last decade, an atmospheric rise set in motion by the 18th-century Industrial...

What No One Wants to Hear About Growth

November 25, 2021

Some 40 years ago, the Club of Rome published a study with what at the time was a relatively provocative title, “The Limits to Growth.” The book appeared at a time of rising environmental consciousness and growing uneasiness with respect to the state of the planet. Throughout the advanced...

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