Does Working From Home Work?

September 17, 2021

As the pandemic progressed, more and more workers shifted to working remotely. At the height of lockdown, more than 70% of the US workforce was toiling from home. It began to look as if remote working arrangements would become the new normal. Headlines proclaimed that COVID-19 would result in the...

Cults Have Conquered Wall Street

February 19, 2021

Some followers of technology news may remember the year 2018 when the media occasionally featured embarrassing headlines about Elon Musk, a small-time billionaire at that point of his history, weighing in at around a paltry $20 billion. Musk managed to get himself into trouble on more than one...

Sustaining Sustainability: How Small Actions Make a Big Difference

January 04, 2020

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability need to be strategic in order to benefit firms and society, says C.B. Bhattacharya, author of “Small Actions, Big Difference.”

Is Free Shipping Sustainable for Retailers?

December 14, 2019

Shoppers who ventured into stores on Black Friday, November 29, may have noticed significantly less frenzy than in previous years, when the traditional start of the holiday retail season made headlines for stampeding crowds racing in for doorbusters and desperate parents fighting over the last...

When Politics Affects Business

January 14, 2019

How well-oiled are our democracies? Maybe they’ve had too much unsaturated fat for their own health. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary explains.  Though it has happened before, confusion appears to be greater than ever in the global oil markets, with its usual exaggerated effects in the Middle...

Christmas without Toys R Us: Who Will Fill Its Stockings?

December 02, 2018

With no more Toys R Us, Amazon seems poised to fill the void this Christmas. This year will mark the first holiday shopping season in decades without Toys R Us, the venerated toy store that shuttered after mounting financial problems and sliding sales. Amazon has already made steps toward...

The Cult of Politics and Business

November 02, 2018

When things become dire, it’s tempting to look for cults to provide the solution in politics, just like in business. The Daily Devil's Dictionary explains. Secular Western society has demonstrated its ingenuity by producing new types of cults that have little to do with religious belief. The...

The Checklist for Entrepreneurs in MENA

September 03, 2016

In this vlog, Moroccan national Yassine Maghnouj, the marketing director of Evaptainers — a US-based startup that produces low-cost, electricity-free refrigerators — presents a quick checklist for entrepreneurs in the MENA region.

The World This Week: Merger Mania Marks Rising Risks to Global Economy

May 22, 2016

As Bayer bids for Monsanto and Gannett for Tribune Publishing, mergers raise questions about the concentration of power and the rising risks to the global economy. This week, Bayer bid for Monsanto. Bayer, a German behemoth, describes itself as “a global enterprise with core competencies in...

First Co-Working Space Opens in Afghanistan

May 18, 2016

A new generation of entrepreneurs are aiming to prove that creativity is alive and kicking in Afghanistan.  The idea first started in New York City’s Soho district and arrived in Kabul’s Karte Seh—a recently rebuilt residential area. “ few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit...

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