You can republish all our original content for free, except for commercial purposes. This means you cannot republish our content to sell it in any form. Content provided by partner institutions such as Knowledge@Wharton cannot be republished without the express permission of the organizations. Likewise, images under copyright cannot be used without authorization from the companies that own the material, such as Shutterstock.

When you republish, the following conditions apply:

1. You will publish the original content without editing the material.

2. You cannot sell our content.

3. You can put our content on pages with advertisements, but you cannot sell advertisements specifically against our stories.

4. You have to credit the producer of the content, ideally in the byline.

5. You have to credit us by including this line at the end of the piece of content, with a link back to the original: “This article/report/video/photo-feature/infographic was originally published on Fair Observer.”

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