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Opening New Markets in Kenya

How remote controlled solar products improve livelihoods in Kenya.

If you don’t have much money, there are a lot of things you can’t buy. This might sound simplistic, but in a country where a high proportion of the population have low disposable income, it means that, as a manufacturer of products, there are many people you can’t access—unless you could just give it to them and then have them pay you back over time.

This is the opportunity that Angaza has seen in Kenya. The company has developed a software platform to allow manufacturers to switch off devices if credit payments are not paid. Doing so puts products in the hands of people who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Lindsay Caldwell is the head of the Africa office, and in this podcast, we discuss the history of Angaza, considerations for giving products on credit, and applying the technology to a range of different items.

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Photo Credit: Pawel Gaul