Make Sense of 2021





The issues we face are important and complex. As with previous years, Make Sense of 2021 provides you with a plurality of perspectives on world issues. It has some of our best articles of the year from contributors who cut across borders, backgrounds and beliefs.

In this edition, we shine the light on issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccination program. We look at all regions and many topics, such as Afghanistan and the Taliban, protesting farmers in India and the crisis in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia’s Heavy Hand in Tigray Sends a Message — Corrado Cok 

Macron’s Campaign to Reveal France’s Historical Sins — Peter Isackson

How the End of the Gulf Crisis Affects Sudan — Julietta Mirghani

Why Is Somalia’s Political Crisis So Difficult to Solve? — Corrado Cok

Who Can Resolve Ethiopia’s Catastrophic Conflict? — Martin Plaut


Press Freedom in the Philippines: Death by a Thousand Cuts — Christianne France Collantes

The Matter of Xi’s Succession — Eyck Freymann & Ralph Su

Young People Are the Key to Reconciling China and Hong Kong — Zoe Leung & Eric Yang

Indonesia’s Balancing Act Between China and Taiwan — M. Habib Pashya

ASEAN’s Myanmar Strategy, Slow But Steady — Tzyy Wei Siu


Why Are India’s Farmers Protesting? — Atul Singh & Manu Sharma

Pakistan’s New “Geoeconomics” Lawfare — Hassan Shad

Joe Biden Meets Afghanistan’s Leaders as the Country Faces Collapse — Tabish Forugh & Atul Singh

Liberalizing India’s Economy Is Critical for Global Stability — Surya Kanegaonkar

Why Do Some Women Support the Taliban? — Ahmed Ezzeldin


Brexit Trade Deal Brings Temporary, If Not Lasting, Relief — Paul Hardy & Daniel Jones

Angela Merkel: A Retrospective — Hans-Georg Betz

What Led to Europe’s Vaccine Disaster? — Hans-Georg Betz

The Migrant Crisis on Poland-Belarus Border Is Lukashenko’s Revenge — Malwina Talik

Making Sense of Vladimir Putin’s Long Game — Atul Singh & Glenn Carle


What’s Behind Chile’s Vaccination Success? — Lenin Cavalcanti Guerra

Violence Against Women in Mexico Rises — Mat Youkee

A Contentious Election Deepens Peru’s Crisis — Erik Geurts

After Recent Protests, Cuba Will Not Be the Same — Leonardo Vivas

Will Brazil See Justice for the Mismanagement of the COVID-19 Pandemic? — Helder Ferreira do Vale


Tunisia: The Pending Goals of the Revolution — Anouar Jamaoui

The Battle Lines of Yemen’s Endgame — Munir Saeed

Rebalancing the Power Asymmetry Between Israel and Palestine — Zeinab Fayad

Biggest Threat to Democracy in Israel Comes From Within — Emma Davies

Lebanon’s Future as an Inclusive Democracy in Doubt — Jean AbiNader


Will American Democracy Perish Like Rome’s? — Atul Singh

Is America Ready to Raise the Minimum Wage? — Timothy Rich, Bridget Beavin, Ian Milden & Olivia Blackmon

Do Americans Still Trust Their Public Health Agencies? — Jennifer Wider

9/11 and the American Collective Unconscious —  Peter Isackson

America’s Afghanistan Fiasco: The Buck Stops With Biden — Christopher Schell


GameStop: Putting Skin Back in the Game — Zachary Propert

Making Journalism Dependent on Facebook Is Not the Answer — Mark Andrejevic

Will We Wake Up to the Big Tech Distraction Crisis? — Robert Wigley

Regional Clouds Could Be the Answer — Mark Cummings & Katarzyna Wac

Looking for a Safe Place in Facebook’s Digital Universe — Jennifer Wider


Peter Thiel’s Bitcoin Paranoia — Peter Isackson

The Pacific Alliance at 10: A Global Future Beckons — Craig Dempsey

India Is Slowly Evolving Into a Market Economy — Sunil Asnani & Kshitij Bhatia

Austerity for the Poor and Prosperity for the Rich — Ahmed Aref

Infrastructure: The Key to the China Challenge — Peter Rodgers


Will the US and Iran Meet Jaw to Jaw? — Gary Grappo

EU Concern Over Ukraine Is Not Enough — Sebastian Schäffer

The US, NATO and the Question of Russia — Emir Hadzikadunic

Afghanistan: A Final Nail in the Coffin of American Foreign Policy — Bilal Rahmani

What Is the Ruckus Over AUKUS? — Gary Grappo


How Appropriate Is Kendall Jenner’s Cultural Appropriation? — Peter Isackson

Why Fame Can Be a Nightmare — Ellis Cashmore

The Cultural Power of Anitta in Bolsonaro’s Brazil — Franthiesco Ballerini

Why Headscarves Matter So Much to Turkey — Nathaniel Handy

Will the Azeem Rafiq Case Purge Britain of Racism? — Ellis Cashmore


There’s No Such Thing as Plenty of Fish in the Sea — Leah Garden

Fiji’s Women Are Living the Reality of Climate Change — Menka Goundan

When It Comes to Climate Change, Promises Matter — Arek Sinanian

Saving the World’s Rarest Bear — Rejeanne Lacroix

Water World: Is Climate Change Driving Our Future Out to Sea? — Anna Pivovarchuk


Pandemic Family Life: The Struggles Behind Closed Doors — Anis Ben Brik

Can Dyslexia Be an Asset? — John Manzella

Why Do So Many Athletes Have Mental Health Issues? — Ellis Cashmore

The Elusive Importance of Sleep — Jennifer Wider

Health Care in America Is the Best in the World — Khaled Dajani


Will the Pandemic Revitalize Ideas of the Global Common Good? — Andreas Rechkemmer, Deborah Brosnan & James Bohland

Myanmar: What Comes Next for Minority Groups? — Daniel Sullivan

The Road to Yemen’s Starvation — Zaid Ali Basha

The Hazaras of Afghanistan Face a Threat to Survival — Naweed Jafari

India’s COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Is Failing the Transgender Community — Preeti Choudhary


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