360° Series: 2020 US Presidential Election





In our signature 360° section, we provide context and publish many perspectives on the same issue. From September to November 2020, we published a series on the US presidential election. In this era of echo chambers, we cherish diversity and debate that are the bedrock of a sane society and a healthy democracy.

This is an e-magazine that can be read on smartphone, tablet and desktop in PDF format.

The 2020 US Election Explained — Atul Singh

How Catholics Can Tilt the US Elections — Hans-Georg Betz

The Rise and Fall of US Democracy — Peter Isackson

Reworking US Policy in the Middle East and North Africa — Jean AbiNader

US Election 2020: The Fight of the Machines — Ian McCredie

What Would a Biden Victory Spell for US-Turkish Relations? — Nathaniel Handy

Does Beijing Prefer Biden or Trump? — Daniel Wagner

Trans and Non-Binary Voters Face Disenfranchisement in US Election — Colleen Scribner

Trump’s Gift to America: Spectacle — Ellis Cashmore

The Importance of the US-South Korea Relationship — Steve Westly & James Bang

No Democratic Guarantee in Myanmar and US — Dai Wei Tsang

What the US Election Means for the Liberal World Order — Vittorio Emanuele Parsi & Valerio Alfonso Bruno

Working-Class America Needs Real Change, Not Slogans — Carlos Figueroa

Trump, Biden and the Climate: A Stark Choice — Arek Sinanian

How Will Joe Biden Approach Iran? — Hesham Alghannam

It’s Time to Change America’s Electoral System — Daniel Wagner

Held Together With String, Can America Hold? — Atul Singh

What Will a Post-Trump America Look Like? — Jamie Shenk

“All I Want Is For My Vote to Count” — S. Suresh

America Is No Longer One Nation — Hans-Georg Betz

Joe Biden and America’s Second Reconstruction — Gary Grappo

Welcome to Joe Biden’s Socialist States of America — Hans-Georg Betz


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