Fair Observer Monthly: October 2022





Fair Observer Monthly is a chance for you to sit down, look back and think about the month past. A month lasts 28 to 31 days, a suitably appropriate time to take stock of the world. We publish daily on our website and we select some of our best articles every month in our e-magazine. We will give you context and multiple perspectives on issues that matter. We will inform and educate you. Fair Observer Monthly does what we promise: make sense of the world.

In this edition, we cover a range of interesting issues. Three people in three different parts of the world have a conversation about Buddhism. Professor Olúfẹ́mi Táíwo speaks to Claire Price, a noted journalist and the chair of the board of Fair Observer about Africans reclaiming their agency. Afghanistan’s Mohammad Shoaib Haidary about how the number of madrassas is increasing and how they are training terrorists. Amir Darwish discusses Islamofascism, John Broadway and Alan Waring examine how the National Health Service of the UK is broken, and other authors from different countries make sense of the world for you.

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Content of Publication

    Under the Taliban, Afghanistan’s Madrassas Increase and Harbor Terrorists – Mohammad Shoaib Haidary

    The US Dollar’s Global Dominance Is Facing a Big Threat – Syed Zain Abbas Rizvi

    High Time for Africans to Reclaim Their Agency – Claire Price and Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò

    Islam + Fascism = Islamofascism, but What Does It Really Mean? – Amir Darwish

    An Open Conversation on Buddhism – Srinivas Reddy, Peter Isackson & Steven Elleman

    When The Right Goes Wrong – Mauktik Kulkarni

    UK’s NHS is Broken: Is Private Medicine the Answer? – John Broadway & Alan Waring

    Chorus for Peace in Ukraine Sings Louder – Medea Benjamin & Nicolas J.S. Davies

    You are Free (Except to Speak Truth to Power) in America – Vikram Zutshi and Lee Camp

    The Dirty Secrets About How Reza Shah Destroyed Iran – Mehdi Alavi and Atul Singh


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