Tarek Megerisi

Tarek Megerisi is a senior policy fellow with the North Africa and Middle East program at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He is a political analyst and researcher who specializes in Libyan affairs and more generally politics, governance and development in the Arab world. Megerisi started his career in Tripoli, Libya, with the Sadeq Institute and various international NGOs providing diverse research and democratization assistance to Libya’s post-revolutionary authorities between 2012 and 2014.

It’s Back to Square One in Libya

August 30, 2021

Six years ago, Libya’s political process fell apart almost as soon as it started. The country was forcibly divided as politicians got buyers’ remorse over their agreement and realized that competition was considerably more profitable than cooperation. Libya’s revolutionary transition stalled while rifts deepened, the state degraded and quality of...

Correcting the Course of Libya's Revolution (Part 1/2)

February 06, 2014

Libya's elected parliament became a base where different factions manipulated other arms of the state. Libya is sliding deeper into instability. The joyous and hopeful atmosphere which encircled the 2012 elections for a transitional parliament – the General National Congress (GNC) – and their initial months in office has dissipated...

Libya: The Time is Now

July 06, 2012

The Libyan people are eagerly awaiting their first election since the revolution and overthrow of their former dictator.

Libyan Rebels With a Cause

July 06, 2012

A look at the political issues surrounding Libya’s first post-Qaddafi election and the varying agendas of each of the main parties. Lenin once noted that “Sometimes decades pass and nothing happens, and then sometimes weeks pass and decades happen”; an observation that appears tailored to Libya's recent history, with events...