Preeti Choudhary

Assistant Professor
Dr. Preeti Choudhary is an assistant professor at the Department of English, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She is the author of two books, including "Shrieking Silences," a collection of poetry. Her Area of specialization is gender studies and Middle Eastern literature. Currently, Choudhary works as director of India's Ministry of Human Resource and Development project on transgender issues.
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India's COVID-19 Vaccination Drive Is Failing the Transgender Community

Amid a raging pandemic, India’s transgender community, which numbered 5 million a decade ago, is at its nadir when it comes to vulnerability to disease and distress. The reason why there are no recent statistics is because the 2011 census was the only time that population data for non-binary persons, referred to as “others,” was recorded. In 2014, transgender people were given the status... Continue Reading

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Wars and Bars: Women in Iraq

Failure to enforce law correctly hinders the protection of women in Iraq. Iraq has always been a country of both national and international upheavals. The frequent political changes have made Iraqis doubtful of their status, especially women. Time and again they were left homeless and in panic. They have endured the loss of dear ones, loss of a stable home, loss of their "self," and... Continue Reading

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