Paul Ashley

Paul Ashley served in the British Armed Forces for over 28 years, carrying out a number of roles, including defense nuclear and chemical instructor, and hostage survival instructor. After leaving the forces, he has worked in the security industry on contracts in Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Ashley is the author of “The Complete Encyclopedia of Terrorist Organizations,” published in outlets in Britain, the United States and Australia. He is currently a counterterrorist analyst for 361 Security.

This Could Be the Year of Terrorism

Will new tactics by terrorist organizations bring an influx of attacks in 2016? The Islamic State’s (IS) so-called caliphate is being shrunk by the Russians and Syrians in northwestern Syria. On January 26, the Syrian army captured the key location of Sheikh Maskin, which lies on a key crossroads with Damascus to the north and the government-controlled city of Sweida to the east. In the... Continue Reading

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Held in Captivity: The Psychological Trauma of a Hostage

Like Foley, Haines and Sotloff, hostages who are held by terrorists undergo psychological torment prior to their execution. It is highly distressing when we see a hostage paraded in front of a camera by terrorists. The brutal murders of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and now the British hostage David Haines on September 13, followed a similar pattern to that of Daniel Pearl,... Continue Reading

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Countering Al-Shabab: Somalia Needs a Change of Plan

By introducing anti-terrorism and counterterrorism measures, al-Shabab can be prevented from controlling East Africa. Harakat Shabab al-Mujahideen, more commonly known as al-Shabab, originated and operates in East Africa and is very influential along the Horn of Africa in Somalia. The terrorist organization came into force in 2006 as a clan-based insurgent group. In the early... Continue Reading

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Boko Haram: Mocking Goodluck Jonathan’s Government?

Nigeria’s war on terrorism is plagued by outdated protocols that need a change to tackle Boko Haram. The terrorist attack by Boko Haram on March 14 is one of the more recent in a number of incidents occurring in northern Nigeria. What sets this attack apart from others is the whole incident was filmed and placed on YouTube. The video footage was clearly taken by an amateur as it is very... Continue Reading

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Returning From Syria: Terrorism in the West

Western security services need to be on guard to handle a new terrorist threat from Syria. With numerous foreign fighters converging in Syria over the last couple of years, the following question needs to be asked: What happens to the face of terrorism once the foreign fighters return home?  When demonstrations in Syria first began, the dream was to follow the Arab Spring that had spread... Continue Reading

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Chemical Weapons in Syria: Which Type?

It is essential to assess what type of chemical weapon was used in Syria. On August 21, 2013, reports of chemical weapons being used in Syria rocked the world, as it saw news footage of people suffering from what appeared to be the effects of a chemical attack. News reports filtered in from various news agencies along with film footage that could not be verified of people in obvious... Continue Reading

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Is the Brotherhood Using Martyrdom as "Revolutionary Capital"?

The Muslim Brotherhood could make significant political gains from encouraging the martyrdom of its members. Since the Egyptian military evicted President Mohammed Morsi from power on July 3, the streets of numerous cities and towns in Egypt have seen demonstrations from Muslim Brotherhood supporters. When the Arab Uprisings first came to Egypt in January 2011, the Egyptian Army was deployed on... Continue Reading

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